KB datasprint 2021

Once again The University Libraries at the Det Kgl. Bibliotek | The Royal Danish Library invite students and staff from Universities to join us in a datasprint to grabble with digital methods like data wrangling and text and data mining. This year the datasprint will take place in Aarhus on the 18th and 19th of November and in Copenhagen on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

The topic is democracy and political negotiations in the Danish Parliament, Folketinget, and we invite you, students and staff from the Danish universities, to scrutinize the topic using Folketingets proceedings from 1953 to 2021.

The datasprint is a kind of beginner course in Python, R, and text and data mining. The content and materials are prepared in a way that anyone can participate without previous programming experience.

There is no preparation, and it is not about achieving, but primarily about having a good experience and secondarily about getting acquainted text and data mining.

Text and data mining would be something new for most of the participants, and you can expect to be confronted with unfamiliar words and concepts.

So a considerable amount of curiosity, forbearance, and drive are important prerequisites to use the datasprint to learn something new, whereas performance needs and perfectionism would probably obstruct the learning process.

Collaborative partners


CLARIN-DK contributes with a rich annotated dataset.

The Parliament Library

The Parliament Library provides us with a meeting room at Christiansborg on the second day of the Copenhagen part of the datasprint, so we will complete the datasprint at Christiansborg.


e-Folketingstidende contribues with a large dataset that consists of a wide-range of digitized source from 1953 to 2008.


UCloud is a new cloud based HPC service for Danish universities. HPC means High-performance computing and is often also called ‘super-computer’. UCloud make the super-computer available so even that we will work with very large datasets it will not be a problem to use your student labtop.

For more information about Datasprintet, please contact Martin Hauge Zeuner (maha@kb.dk), if your inquiry relates to the Datasprint in Aarhus and Lars Kjær (lakj@kb.dk), if it relates to the Datasprintet in Copenhagen.